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My name is Sergey Zadorozhny; Iā€™m leading the PDF Expert app by Readdle. We are looking for talented iOS/macOS Engineers for our Team. IĀ  wrote this post to give you more context about the opportunity and save some time for you, so you don't need to browse our website to find answers to your questions. If this gesture of care is already enough, you can try yourself by applying ā€“ here is the link :)

What is Readdle, and how do we work

Readdle is a multi-product company that develops products like Spark, Documents, Scanner Pro, and PDF Expert, of course. Each team has a horizontal structure and freedom to choose and apply the most relevant processes and tools for their specific needs.

<aside> šŸ’” Our Engineering Teams are engaged in product development at all stages: from the idea to its realization and continuous perfection.


What is "PDF Expert"

PDF Expert is one of the best apps to handle or edit PDFs at Mac and iOS. We support all kinds of annotation tools, forms, encryption, JS and FormCalc scripting, text and image editing, sophisticated text parsing that allows reading PDF files with pleasure even at the screen of your iPhone. You can find people using PDF Expert everywhere: pilots store and read their manuals here, students annotate their books and do their homework, constructors make notes in their plans, actors read and mark their scripts, and even 100 meters under the ground scientists at CERN find PDF Expert helpful. Perhaps, we haven't changed the world yet, but we definitely help other people to do it.

Here are a few highlights about the PDF Expert product specifically:

Our Team

The major achievement of PDF Expert is our team. PDF Expert Team defines the product and is responsible for its Vision, Strategy, Design, and Development.

We are a cross-functional team of developers, designers, product managers, QA, Marketing, and Support who work daily on the product. Thanks to the way we work, engineers in our team have a substantial impact on the product; they provide feedback on the design, suggest new features and new approaches to organize our work better, and receive feedback from real people who use the product.

<aside> šŸ’” As an Engineer, you will be a part of the Core Product Team, making a real difference for the product and lives of millions of people who rely on PDF Expert. You will be working closely with Engineers (obviously), Product Managers, Designers, QA, and Support.


You can join a team of 10 top Engineers on board who contribute to PDF Expert, and you will work side-by-side with them, sharing expertise and fostering your professional growth.

The team photo in 2021 differs a little from the on in 2019, but we are where we are šŸ™‚