Write faster by using snippets to store and insert frequently used text. Expand them automatically with a keyword.

Use the Create Snippet command to store a new snippet. If you specify a keyword, you can simply type it in any application to have it auto-expand in-place. Snippets are handy for frequently used text such as canned email responses, code or emojis.


Search and manage all of your Snippets in one place using the Search Snippets command. Edit existing Snippets, pin your most frequently used ones, and copy them directly to your clipboard


Shared Snippets

If Raycast for Teams is enabled you can create shared Snippets for all members of your team.

Shared Snippets


You can make your snippets dynamic with placeholders. The supported placeholders arxwe:

Name Placeholder Description
Cursor Position {cursor} Moves cursor to the position when pasted directly into an app or injected. Please note that a snippet can contain only one placeholder of this type.
Clipboard Text {clipboard} Inserts your last copied text. The placeholder will be removed from the snippet when you use it if you have not copied any text recently.
Date {date} Inserts only the current date like 1 Jun 2022.
Time {time} Inserts only the current time like 3:05 pm.
Date & Time {datetime} Inserts both date and time like 1 Jun 2022 at 6:45 pm.
Weekday {day} Inserts the day of the week like Monday.

The format of the date/time placeholders depends on your system preference. You can see samples of the format on the right side of each placeholder when inserting.

CleanShot 2022-06-01 at 15.05.29@2x.png

Date & Time offset

By default, if you use a date/time placeholder, its value will be set to the current date/time when you insert the snippet. To display a different date/time, you can do offsets using modifiers like +2d, -3M etc. This will change the value from the current date/time to the defined offset.

A modifier is made up of 3 components,