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đź’ˇ An Income Share Agreement, or "ISA", is a financial contract in which an individual agrees to pay a percentage of their income after they obtain a job.


It's a pain for operations teams to scale income share agreements.

For the new wave of startups like Lambda School that use income share agreements, scaling operations can become a drain on company resources as the company scales, particularly for the individual(s) in charge of owning financial operations.

Tracking critical tasks—like following up to get a contract signed or a payment made—becomes tedious.

Scaling fragmented processes—like requesting signatures, verifying employment, calculating payments, generating invoices, sending emails throughout the process—becomes time-consuming.

And trying to make sense of scattered data—like projected cashflow, runway if you included ISA payments, student activity, and employment information—becomes a headache as data lives on multiple different platforms.

As the time needed to cater to ISA operations adds up, company resources are drained from the most important work: improving the core product and experience, hiring new team members, and financing the business.


We built a centralized platform that streamlines and automates complexities of ISAs

We built a centralized hub that allowed operations team members at an online school to automate repetitive tasks, centralize manual tasks and operations notifications, and track the company's core income share agreement related KPIs.