To use RARA's app, you need to connect your wallet then login with your wallet. These steps do not cost anything, don't reveal your private keys, or give RARA any control over your assets. Any transaction you create with RARA will be sent to your wallet for you to securely sign. Think of this process like a new age, more secure way to login to an app while brining your identity + assets with you. This is process is part of the power of what is called [Web3]( in the context of,without monetising their personal data.)'.

Step 1: Connect your wallet. Think of this like a new age way to login to a decentralized app ("Dapp") as an alternative to username and password.

Step 2: Log In with your wallet. Think of this like a way to prove you are who you say you are. You are signing a transaction from your wallet proving you own the wallet, thus letting RARA prove your crypto identity.

Why am I connecting my wallet? To bid + RA in a Social NFT Auction, you need to connect your wallet so we can connect your telegram + discord identity to your wallet.

Win a bid at a RARA Social NFT Auction? You'll be presented with a transaction to sign to send an Offer in $WETH to the NFT seller to accept on OpenSea. Once accepted, the NFT will show up in the wallet you connected to RARA.

Below is quick explainer on the 3 ways you can connect + login to RARA wallet.

3 Ways to Connect + Log in to RARA's App

You can login to RARA in 3 ways:

Metamask (browser wallet)

When you login to RARA with your Metamask wallet, you will first have to connect your wallet by logging into it via Metamask pop-up. Then, you need to login by signing a transaction RARA sends to Metamask basically proving you own the wallet account. This does not reveal your private keys, will not cost anything, and is standard practice for Web3.0 login.

Web3 login explainer from Metamask. This process behind the scenes is the same for each wallet type detailed below.

Find more here about Metamask security features.

WalletConnect (mobile wallets)

Most mobile wallets can be connect to apps in your browser via WalletConnect's QR code or deep linking authentication. WalletConnect is an open source protocol for connecting apps to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. A user can interact securely with any app from their mobile phone, making WalletConnect wallets a safer choice compared to desktop or browser extension wallets.