At Rally, you'll find a vibrant and growing community of riders who share a passion for motorcycles. We're here to be your host and to provide a platform that connects and inspires riders. Whether you're leading or a member of a Club, here are some guidelines on how to participate — either on the app or out in the wild.

Keep It Nice

DO: Assume good intent, welcome new people, and respect other points of view. DON'T: be a jerk, call people jerks, or react to jerks.

Keep It Clean

DO: Participate generously and share content you feel will interest and inspire people in the community. DON'T: Share explicit content or anything that defames or harasses.

Keep It Legal

DO: Share your original stories, photos, and destinations. DON'T: Violate copyright laws by sharing content from people, plot illegal activity, or share someone else's personal information.

Keep It Safe

DO: Help create a culture that embraces differences and where everyone feels welcome. DON'T: Exclude or be disrespectful to anyone because they have a different race, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, socio-economic status, or background.

Keep It Relevant

DO: Stay on topic by posting motorcycle or motorcycle-related content. DON'T: Post commercial solicitations, straight-up advertising, or posts designed to direct people to other sites or apps.

We've crafted these guidelines to ensure that everyone within the Rally community has a good time. If you don't feel that you can follow our Community Guidelines as outlined above, Rally might not be for you.

We reserve the right to remove posts that: