Signals (emerging indicators of the future’) and Collective Futures (‘mutually-determined hypotheses’) are the essence of RADAR. They capture our collective discovery and curation process and sit at the heart of building the future of futures.

It all starts on a Discord server, RADAR HQ — our shared portal for signals.

From #ai-algorithms and #media-brands to #aesthetics, #environment and #education, our channels explore broad cultural pillars and specific trend topics to serve as a living, breathing platform for collective curation, sense-making, and discussion of what’s next.

This is a space for foresight practitioners to contribute alongside brand and innovation strategists, writers, web3 experts, topical specialists and more to generate collaborative perspectives uniquely suited to uncovering novel insights.

So what makes it a SIGNAL?

<aside> 🔮 1. *‘striking in extent, seriousness, or importance; outstanding’

  1. ‘something that incites to action’*

  2. ‘an object used to transmit or convey information beyond the range of human voice’

Merriam-Webster Definitions


A ‘SIGNAL’ can be anything; links, new products, people, ideas, music samples, TikTok videos, new apps, a paragraph from white papers... Which are emerging indicators of the future’

These are best paired with a bit of context and elaboration on why they’re important to you and to the wider culture. We encourage you not just to to share a cold link... but a signal for why.

Check out some examples of awesome Community Signals here;


How do I share Signals?

Check out / How to share Signals for how to get involved in sharing signals

What are ‘Collective Futures’?

Collective Futures or ‘mutually-determined future hypotheses’ are explorations around possible futures that we believe may come to fruition. These will emerge towards the end of the RADAR discovery process and be used in the incubation and delivery stage.

They are the jumping-off point for rapid idea generation, hackathons and prototypes. They are the question we have to answer, the collective shift we want to test.