This privacy policy describes the terms of receipt and use of information by the mobile application «Kuna Ticker»:

  1. The application does not request Your e-mail address, telephone number or other information about You.
  2. The application does not require registration.
  3. The application does not request information about your location.
  4. The security of your personal information will not be compromised.

User information

Application store the latest ticker values for each of the markets, the application does not store or transfer to third parties any data received from the site in the process work. Anonymous information that is provided about users from third-party services such as Google Analytics, Firebase, and others includes: installation information (such as operating system type and application version number), device information (hardware model and operating system version), and user behavior information (add or remove an application).

All data that is collected in this way is used only for internal analysis and research to improve the operation of the application and further improve its interface.