RabbitHole helps you find project contributors and increases participation in your network. It’s the most effective crypto-native paid acquisition that exists today.



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RabbitHole rewards users with a project's tokens for completing on-chain tasks that are value-additive to protocols with built-in Sybil resistance, making it the best crypto-native paid acquisition channel in Web3.

Why RabbitHole is great for crypto projects:

RabbitHole is the best tool to help any treasury find the right stewards for their network.


Rabbithole works with many of the leading projects in crypto, including Aave, OpenSea, Gnosis, ENS, and PoolTogether.

Key Metrics:

PoolTogether Case Study:


How it works:

RabbitHole works with you to set your project up for long-term success. Here is our process:

  1. Collaboratively design a quest that is suited to your project’s needs, helping you answer key questions such as what actions should you incentivize through RabbitHole? What should the rewards be for the quest? How long should the quest be?