Our Mission

The world has to get to zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible. QuitCarbon is here to help homeowners do their part by accelerating the transition off of fossil fuel appliances and on to clean, electrified alternatives like heat pumps and induction stoves.

We work with our homeowner clients from when they start thinking about electrifying, through replacing their first gas appliance, all the way to removing their gas meter when they have completely quit carbon - then we have a little party 🥳  🎉  ⚡.

We also help contractors do more and better home electrification retrofit work, so they can build great businesses helping to save this great planet.

Interested in lending your skills to our mission? Please see our list of “officially” open positions below.

Open Positions

Lead Software Developer

Other Ways to Help

If you want to help, but you don’t fit the roles above, that’s OK! Reach out and we’ll explore how we could work together.

Email cooper@quitcarbon.com, being sure to: