A Standard Quaderno account is a conventional Quaderno account controlled directly by the account holder (i.e., your platform’s user). Users with a Standard account have a direct relationship with Quaderno, are able to log in to their Dashboard, can use their Quaderno account on their own, and can disconnect their account from your platform.

You can prompt your users to create Quaderno accounts or allow anyone with an existing Quaderno account to connect to your platform.

How the process looks like

This is how the authentication process will look like for your users:

This process is based on OAuth, a secure industry standard authorization system. Our OAuth flow allows you to securely obtain an access token for a Quaderno account without having to have your user’s password or do any manual setup.

There are three key benefits to getting access to your users’ accounts using OAuth:

Technical steps to integrate Standard accounts

In your application, you might want to consider using a dedicated OAuth client library to simplify these steps. To find an OAuth library for your language or framework, you can refer to the list of client libraries on the OAuth website.

1. Creating an app

Before we can get started, you need to create an "app" which represents your platform in the Quaderno system. You’ll be issued with a client ID and secret, which you’ll use to identify yourself when sending users to the OAuth flow and swapping codes for access tokens.