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Getting Started

pyRevit (with lowercase py) is a Rapid Application Prototyping (RAD) environment for Autodesk Revitยฎ. It helps you quickly sketch out your automation and add-on ideas, in whichever language that you are most comfortable with, inside the Revit environment and using its APIs. It also ships with an extensive set of powerful tools that showcase its capabilities as a development environment. Download and install pyRevit, launch Revit, and note the new pyRevit tab that includes these tools. pyRevit also ships with a handy CLI utility for customized configuration and deployment of your tools, and a telemetry server to monitor pyRevit usage across your teams.

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Get Started Using pyRevit

Install pyRevit

Create Custom Patterns

Manage Keynotes

Configure pyRevit

Install Extensions

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HOW TO Guides

Get Started Developing for pyRevit

Create Your First Command

โ†“ Read the docs to know everything about pyRevit scripts, extensions, ...

Developer Docs

โ†“ pyRevit has a powerful command line utility

pyRevit CLI

โ†“ And when you are ready to deploy your tools to your team

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