1. Download social media assets from this kit.
  2. If your community has a logo, upload the logo and send to us by email or by facebook messenger.
  3. For, create an event using the contents and design assets.
  4. For facebook, share the event on your group/page. Accept the invitation as a co-host from the Christmas Codewar.
  5. Link to the url where they get their tickets
  6. Invite your community to attend
  7. Encourage your members/followers to form their team or to just attend and form their team with other individuals on that day itself.
  8. Share the fun moments coding on that day on your own social media channels
  9. We are currently still looking for more sponsors to provide food, drinks and prizes. Help us get sponsors to make this event a success!


Who to invite

Anyone in your community who are interested to code or even just to attend and join in the fun!

Details of the event

Date: Friday 19 December 2019