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Open Spaces / Topic Rooms

<aside> ☎️ For issues with your access to Venueless. Please reach out to us in #remote-2021-helpdesk in Slack. You can join here.



We have a room for announcements from the organizing team that attendees will join automatically when logging into the platform.

Make sure you stay in the "Announcements 📣" room to hear the latest news.


We have two main stages running talks, panels, and demos throughout the day. Each stage has a public chat where you can talk to other attendees. You'll also be able to ask questions to the speaker(s) that will be shared by our MC and moderators.

Interactive Track

We have a variety of panels in this track as well as a few live talks and demos. As the name suggests, you'll have the ability to ask questions during the session to offer more interactivity.

Prerecorded Track

We'll have a great selection of prerecorded talks in this track. You'll be meeting the speaker(s) at the beginning of the talk and they'll be mingling in the stage chat for the duration of the talk.

Afterwards, you can head over to the Prerecorded Track Q&A Room and ask questions to the speaker(s) and meet other attendees interested in the topic.


Prerecorded Track Q&A Room

<aside> 📹 Video Channel


This will be the place for Q&A with speakers after their talk in the Prerecorded Track. Consider this to be similar to walking up to the stage after a talk to meet the speaker.

Moderators will help facilitate conversations in this room and you'll have the opportunity interact with the speakers live.

Lounge Area 🛋️

<aside> 📹 Video Channel


This is a video room available for general conversation, getting to know people and optionally see them on the screen.

We have no specific topics, just head over here and hang out.

Choose your preferred way to interact, with or without camera. Microphone on or off. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

Rooftop Patio ⛲

<aside> 📹 Video Channel