April 8, 2020

Numerous Punchpass clients have reported an issue with passwords and their Zoom meetings - specifically that the password has changed from what was originally in Punchpass.

The common thread among every client having this issue, is that they have enabled the Personal Meeting ID (PMI) functionality in their Zoom settings. If you are integrated with Zoom and have that functionality turned on, we HIGHLY recommend you disable it.

Using a PMI means that the 'link' for all of your meetings is the same - that is inherently less secure than having a different URL for every single meeting. We cannot guarantee the functionality of Punchpass → Zoom if you have PMI enabled.

Here's how to check, and steps to take to fix things.

First - Check if PMI is Enabled

  1. Visit https://zoom.us and log in, using the same credentials that you used to connect with Punchpass. If you have multiple accounts it's important you check the one connected with Punchpass.

  2. Click on Settings on the left side


  3. Scroll down - this is the setting you are looking for:


  1. Make sure that is turned off - if it is on turn it off.

If PMI is turned off, we don't believe you need to worry about the second step below.

Second - Reset Any Punchpass Classes Marked 'Online Class'