We started Prysm with one core belief: fair and equal wealth creation should be a right.

Capital is the foundation of wealth. A system where the 1% own 50% of capital assets shuts 99% of the world from financial freedom.

What we're building

Web3 is the ownable internet. It has birthed novel capital markets and distributes capital ownership to participants. The 99% have flocked to own pieces of the new internet where the suits can’t keep up.

The new frontier comes with its own issues. An overwhelming amount of noise, unbearable transaction costs, and blue-chip assets amassed by a new internet native 1%. As a solution, investors form groups where they pool intelligence, liquidity, and resources.

Prysm is the group ownership platform where investors connect, squad up, and own web3, together.

What we're doing differently

We’re creating fun, social, and delightful group investing experiences on any device, anywhere in the world. Under the hood, we’re building a composable group ownership protocol that will enable developers to create experiences uniquely enabled by ownership.

Let's bring the power of capital ownership to those who need it most – together.

Calling all Superstars

We're assembling a core team of financial engineers, designers, developers and community managers. Currently, we are a team of eight based in San Francisco. We are focusing our hiring efforts in San Francisco as we all meet a few times a week in-person out of our SOMA office.


Want to Apply?

Say hello at careers@prysm.xyz and we'll take next steps together!