<aside> <img src="/icons/globe_gray.svg" alt="/icons/globe_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Communities are a core atomic unit of the internet with the potential to amplify impact beyond the sum of its parts.

Enter Prysm. We turn missions into web3 movements through collaborative software enabling communities to be more socially and economically impactful.

We design for the emergence of on-chain investment clubs, squads, collector daos, creator daos, and web3 guilds. These proto-institutions will enable opportunity for those at the edges. Our vision is that communities become a platform for anyone to shape our digital and physical worlds.


On our mission to empower communities to leave their mark on society, we’re driven by these values.

Our Values

Who we are

<aside> <img src="/icons/baseball-cap_gray.svg" alt="/icons/baseball-cap_gray.svg" width="40px" /> We’re a group of engineers, designers, community managers, and product thinkers hailing from large companies like Google, Apple, and Citi and startups like Wyre, OKX, and Nova Credit.

We’re consistent in these principles but diverse in every other way.



How we operate

<aside> <img src="/icons/school_gray.svg" alt="/icons/school_gray.svg" width="40px" /> We’re an in-person culture that stems from our office in SOMA, SF. We’ll be opening an office in Brooklyn, NYC soon.

Our bold, experiment-driven, user-centric culture is why we’re moving fast and growing quickly.


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