We're Protein Community, a place where people and ideas grow

<aside> 💡 The term 'growth' has become unavoidably toxic in our capitalist world, a growth powered by extraction and exploitation in the name of profit. Now it's time for change, we must re-imagine, reclaim and redistribute value and growth

To do this we're using the $PRTN Social Token to re-imagine what good growth could mean for empowering Communities.

This means creating a safer space for shared ownership and control ⚡️

This means creating new frameworks for collaboration and conversation with each other, brands and partners

This means facilitating a community where everyone can add to the collective value, while being fairly rewarded as an individual


We're currently in Season 1!

Season 1 is all about the community building its rhythms and rituals, connecting relationships and collaborations together and deciding on its governance and first relationships with brand partners.



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