**Product description:** Instagram is an app for iphone and andriod users to share
images and captions to networks of friends. You can do it instantly, just snap a
picture and post with a caption.

**Output:** The Instagram app allows you to share photos and videos on Instagram with
your friends, family and the world. Connect on Facebook or Twitter to tell your
story instantly, take pictures using whatever camera is available in the moment
or capture a video clip from life as it unfolds. Take a photo of what you’re
doing this very minute or find inspiration around you through other people’s
**Product description:** Increase your website conversions by adding social proof to
your site. This will help you generate more leads, more trials, and more sales.
People do what other people do. Harness the power of fomo to build your business.

**Output:** It’s no secret that social proof is a powerful tool for increasing
conversions. People do what other people do, and when they see others doing it,
they feel more comfortable taking the plunge themselves. That’s why you want to
add social proof to your site!