Look at this place mat I saw the other day at a Biriyani restaurant.

The restaurant owner proudly told me that he made it himself.


Every. single. thing is wrong with this.

The font used is coming straight from a horror movie. It reminds me of blood dripping.

The logo is like a patchwork of PNGs coming straight from a Google and put together in Word.

The photos are so inconsistent, with some being straight out of a stock photo site without background, some shot with flash, some professionally.

The labels also a mess, some in the box, some outside. Spacing nowhere to be found. The font used is the default Word font, Arial, and looks strange combined with the headline (not sure if anything could possibly be combined with the headline font though)

The shadows, the box spacing make the whole thing feel heavy.

It breaks every single design rule.

And yet, compared to my work, still sitting unfinished in in some folder basement in my laptops hard drive, this is x100 times better. Because it is shipped.

The dude just did it. Designed a logo, made a design and printed it all. And now he has placemats for his little restaurant.

And I am here crying that my work is not good enough.

Since then, every time I feel my 'high standards' getting the best out of me I shake myself and remember the Biriyani restaurant.

Most of the times it is enough of a slap to put my ass back in the chair and produce something that is 'good enough but not outstanding'.