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The world of NFTs is changing. We’ve seen an explosion in innovation but a fragmentation of tools. Today, traders navigate a low visibility landscape, handling multiple chains, scattered data, and many marketplaces. Now, NFT tooling has shifted towards consolidation. Users demand a simple solution that effortlessly weaves their favorite decision-making software and maximum liquidity into one elegant interface. Kinetic is a multi-chain NFT aggregator and trading dashboard. Kinetic consolidates cross-market visibility, personalized data feeds, and predictive insights, providing clarity and decisiveness with every trade. Here, NFTs across all major ecosystems are finally accessible through a single interface.

The Future of Digital Commerce

We have raised a $7 million seed round, led by Jump Crypto and joined by Sequoia Capital, SV Angel, dao5, BoxGroup, Lux, and many more. Our team members have experience from Jane Street, Stanford, Polychain, MIT, and Google X. While we each bring unique skills and backgrounds to Kinetic, we all share the same goal: to empower traders by building the first multi-chain NFT aggregator.

Let’s Get Moving

Join us in building the future of NFT trading: apply for one of our open positions. Want to make an impact, but don’t see a role listed that you’d like to fill? Email our talent team at jobs@kinetic.xyz. Thanks!

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