2.0.1 | 2022-06-20

0.16.1 | 2022-06-16

0.16.0 | 2022-06-13

2.0.0 | 2022-06-08

🚀 New Features and Improvements

The version 2 of the SDK is out! This includes a simplified way to integrate Primer

<aside> 📚 Take a look at the migration guide for updating your integration to version 2.


✨ Payments created automatically

Universal Checkout | SDK

Creating payments with Universal Checkout is now seamless. There’s no more need for callbacks, API calls and headaches to create a payment. It’s all done under the hood 🧙

In the past, creating payments involved manual payment handling: On the client side, you would have had to implement the dreaded clientTokenCallback, onTokenizeSuccess and onResumeSuccess delegate functions.

On the server side, you had to manually call our Payments API in order to create a payment 🤷