You set aside three cards and the deck is shuffled. Spec shuffles and cuts small packets once or twice from the top of the deck, then gets more precise and deals one at a time and stops whenever. The three cards are revealed to be a three of a kind that matches the card stopped at.

Method: basically the force card is hidden under the 3- card fan which is loaded back on top of the stopped spot. Here, check deez vidz:

  1. Up-jog the three of a kind that match the bottom card and execute this steal sequence:

    As you start to walk the spec through shuffling, cutting, and dealing sequence, you have a decent amount of time to make sure the stolen card will be covered by the two cards closest to you. I split this adjustment into two parts. First, when they’re shuffling, I align the selection as close as I can to the edge of the fan nearest me. I do the second adjustment after the cut/deal procedure but before the card furthest away is removed (will get to that in a sec).

    Set the fan down but make sure you can pick up the entire thing smoothly so place it on like a card box or table edge.

  2. Next, after shuffling, have spec cut a packet of cards off the top and place it in front of them on the table. Repeat with another shuffle and small packet cut onto the one in the table. Then have them deal one at a time onto the same packet and make a decision to stop.

  3. Get them to place the un-dealt cards aside. As they do that, this sequence happens:

    So, this is what's happening. You pick up the unit (fan + force card) and make the second adjustment by nudging the two cards furthest from you forward. This isn’t a move so treat it like you’re just making the fan more pretty or something. You’re just making sure the force card is covered by the two cards closes to you. Then you have them take a looksie at the card closest to them. You move the unit forward for them to take the card and end up hovering over the packet they dealt. As soon as they take the card, you drop and load the force card on top of the packet as you turn each of the remaining cards over onto the table. I didn't have anyone to help take that first card, so the timing in the video is not right. But you get the point.

  4. Have spec turn over the card they stopped at and offer a creepy hug.

Name drop: Kiko Pastur gave me the idea of them cutting first then getting more precise by dealing one at a time. Thanks, dude!