Who We Are:

We are a remote-first, early-stage US startup. Our goal is to make Space more accessible and obvious for everyone. We have been searching for an innovative idea to achieve our goal and now we believe that we found it. We've graduated from the startup accelerator in the UAE and raised the seed round from one of the largest US VC funds and private investors. All of it was done by our team of 6 (cool) people (total), and now we feel like we need to extend our team with more people, who could help us to test a bunch of business hypotheses and build the new groundbreaking product.

About Our Product:

Precious Payload is a SaaS service that takes care of satellite mission planning, technical analysis, paperwork, and supply chain management. Our goal is to make Space more accessible and help any business launch satellites to create more value for their customers.

Now, when the official part is over, let me put it simply. We are helping people to launch whatever they want to launch to the actual space. Have you ever seen the launch of a big-ass Falcon-9 rocket? Probably they were launching the satellite of one of our clients.

Technologies We Use (And Love):