This is a short tutorial for how to add $POZ as a Custom Token inside your Trust Wallet app.

Having trouble viewing your 💠 POZ?

Our POZ token is stored on the Polygon blockchain, so if you´re having trouble viewing your POZ, it might be because your current Wallet app type does not support showing tokens that sit Polygon.

To view your POZ, we recommend to download 🛡️ Trust Wallet.

On your 📲🛡️ Trust Wallet app:

Step 1: Open your Trust Wallet and tap on "Manage" in the top right of the Wallet (Home) ta

IMG_3351 2.PNG

Step 2: Type "POZ" in the search bar, if it does not appear, then tap the button "Add Custom Token"

IMG_3352 2.PNG


Step 3: Tap the Network button and change the Network from "Ethereum" to "Polygon"

IMG_3357 2.PNG

IMG_3356 2.PNG

ℹ️ Info Tip: Polygon is the blockchain where the POZ tokens are stored, so you need to connect to Polygon network to access them

Step 4: Copy & Paste the POZ token address (below) into "Contract Address"