Different types of Pony damages

What’s the average delay for my pony to get repaired?

The average time to repair a pony is 7 days but this varies depending on the complexity of the issue, the availability of parts, and our ordering systems. In practice, the repair time can take as little as 2 days but can also take as long as 15 days.

What if something happens to my pony?

Throughout the valid period of the insurance, your pony is covered against theft and irreversible damage* that would otherwise classify your pony as wrecked and unfit for use.

What is the list of Pony damages ?

Different types of Pony damages

My pony is outside the zone 😱

The zone system ensures that the ponies are in locations that favor their use. We regularly return the ponies to the blue zone and users are instructed to bring them back to the zone within 4 hours. It is unlikely that your pony will go astray outside the blue zone for more than 4 days.

Could you go pick up my pony?

We universally watch over and tend to every pony. If your pony has wandered too far, we will bring it back as fast as possible. It will normally be returned to the zone within a maximum delay of 4 days, depending on our pickup algorithm.

Can I adopt a pony on my Android phone?

This function is not yet available on the Android version of the application, but will be soon. In the meanwhile, you can contact the customer service team and we will be able to manually adopt for you. All you need is your pony account and the card you wish to use for payment registered on it. Once adopted, you will be able to see your pony, its location, and your revenue.