Hi there! We're glad to have you here :) this page aims to ease your day to day tasks with GraphN. You can use it to download the latest build, access documentation, learn from sample projects, or read more on how specific features work. We're excited to have you with us in this beta, and look forward to all your feedback!

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Creating interactive tools

Installing GraphN

Download and install the latest version using the Download Latest Build link.

Once you open GraphN, you'll be greeted by the Homepage. Our focus for this beta is on Autodesk Maya, and you can select that context simply by clicking on it as shown below. This will move the blue line underneath Standalone Context to Autodesk Maya Context.


Next, click on the CREATE A NEW PROJECT text on the right, which will open a new empty canvas for you to work in. If you first want to learn from some already completed projects, the Preset Graphs section right under the section in the image above should give you a wide range of sample projects to play with.


Clicking on "CREATE A NEW PROJECT" creates a blanc project for you to work on. Additionally, you can also double click on the name of the context (shown in the previous image) to create a blanc canvas, or hit CTRL+N to create a new project.

Alright! You've installed and opened up a blanc canvas. Let's create a simple graph that makes a cube and bevels its hard edges.

First, hit Space in the canvas, which will open the node finder. Type "get selection" and the node get selection will appear. You don't need to type the whole name, just "get se" will suggest that node for you :)

You can use the up and down arrow to select a node in the suggestions dropdown, and hit enter to select a node. By default, the topmost node is selected, so all you have to do is hit enter and it'll appear in your graph!