<aside> 🤝 Please make sure you have reviewed Shard Expectations before submitting an application


Shard Expectations


Applications are open to all Pocket Network Community members. There are 2 types of applications available:

  1. Shards (3 members)
  2. Shard Members (Individuals)

While shard applications are preferred, qualified individuals are highly encouraged to submit an application to join a shard.


📌 Apply Here 📌

A shard is a working group anchored around a blockchain network that Pocket Network provides RPC service for composed of 3 shard members: DevOps, Marketing and Business Development.

A shard should denote an organizer to submit an application on behalf of the group to be reviewed by the Pocket Network team.

When a shard application is received, a call will be put out to the community to inform them that a shard has applied. This will give others the opportunity to apply as well during an open application period of 1-2 weeks. This approach is to ensure that transparency is provided, create equitable opportunities, and make sure the blockchain ecosystem the shard has applied for is supported by the most capable resources.

Shard Application Process

  1. Form a shard of 3 people
  2. Submit an application
  3. Pocket Network will announce an application has been received for chain-shard (open application period will commence for 1-2 weeks)
    1. During this time if an insufficient application is received, Pocket Network will reach out to discuss gaps that can be filled to re-submit for further consideration
  4. Final application selected and approved; Shard begins onboarding
  5. Shard work with Pocket Network to integrate their chain
  6. Shards launch their chains and start earning rewards