Junto is a DAO that offers tools to enable sharing economies

We call these sharing communities decentralized autonomous libraries (DALi).

These libraries can power anything as small as sharing books to as large as sharing cars or houses.

We use a novel collateral mechanism to align interests between two parties. This contract can be tied along with a DAO-like fund that aligns the interests of the community using a token.

GitHub - pmoncada/junto: Smart collateral contract for building smart libraries. Uses collateral to align incentives between lenders and borrowers

On top of the contract interface we've created a social layer that has:

Our aim is to leverage the power of crypto (smart-contracts, tokens, NFTs) for real world applications in real markets. Bridging the power of crypto to the real world.

Our core thesis is that the value of a sharing economy is closely tied with the value of a social community and thus a service that facilitates both sharing transactions and community building will provide unique value.

Unlike simply building a service for facilitating sharing, building a community (friends, groups, etc) creates strong network value. Having a community of friends and friends-of-friends that are trusted to borrow from on the app would be a large part of what makes the app useful.

For some more context on why we think these new markets are more efficient, and in our opinion an inevitable development, you can read here:


Problem: Local communities are eroding