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Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have tried to keep it short, but you have been asked to judge a situation that is much more complicated than you've been told. That means I have to fill in a lot of blanks for you. I have tried to summarize these on this page, along with my responses to each of the charges. I have provided full responses and proof of my claims at the links below, if you want to fully satisfy yourself about the facts.

<aside> 📌 The most important thing to read is this page. The links below are for if you want to verify what I say here.


Full responses to the charges against me

My full response to the charges of slander

My full response to the charges of false teaching

My full response to the charges of division

Proof of my claims

My history of trying to cooperate and reason with Ryan

My personal statement of faith

The Reformed pedigree of my views

What people actually say about It's Good To Be A Man

Quotes from me that contradict how I've been presented

Proof that Ryan's presentation of people can't be trusted

Sarah's perspective

On Bnonn's teaching on gender

On harsh language

On Bnonn's "unhealthy focus on gender"