Streamlining COVID-19 symptom and contact tracing through voice and bluetooth.

muddy paws

Dress-up game themed pet hiking gear clothing shop.

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Interaction Design — Dashboard that allows students to gather feedback and teachers to monitor focus during in-class presentations.


Graphical User Interface — A task-managing application that tantalizes you to do work with boba.


Web Design — A web app that fosters collaborative cooking experiences between cooking enthusiasts.


Conversational Design — Conversational User Interface to safely and seamlessly schedule a meal with a friend to enjoy in an autonomous vehicle during COVID-19.


UX Design — An animal-crossing inspired simulation that incentivizes small businesses to come and start their business in Pittsburgh, PA.

Game Design — A two player 15-112 themed game that provides a behind-the-scenes look at what truly goes on between two Carnegie Mellon computer science professors.