Platformer operates a jobs board through a partnership with Pallet. This page explains how it works, answers your questions, and describes our ethics policy.

Why does Platformer have a jobs board?

Since I began writing a newsletter in 2017, a powerful community has sprung up around the mailing list. While Platformer readers span a wide range of fields in the technology industry, it has developed a particularly strong following among professionals who work in roles related to tech policy and trust and safety. I believe that these are among the most important jobs in the industry, and that I can provide a valuable service to my readers by helping them find work that is meaningful to them. I also think we all benefit from having smart, talented, motivated people working in these jobs.

If that's all the jobs board did, that would make it worth doing. But I also hope that making Platformer a place to showcase great jobs in the industry attracts more people working in these roles to the newsletter itself. These are the people who, with their emails and Signal messages and participation in Sidechannel, constantly make me smarter and the newsletter better. So in addition to being a service to readers, it's also an exercise in community-building.

There's a business interest, too. Platformer has a healthy subscription base. But from the beginning, all my mentors in the media business have encouraged me to diversify my revenue streams over time. My hope is that the jobs board will enable Platformer's continued growth, and to help me further realize my dream of creating a sustainable tiny media company.

How does it work?

Companies who want to recruit members of the Platformer community can post jobs to the jobs board for a fee. The board lives here; to view available jobs by company, try this view.

For an additional fee, companies can pay for featured placement in editions of Platformer. The current plan is to place listings in the weekly free edition, which reaches more than 50,000 people, and in at least one paid edition per week.

Nonprofits and academic institutions can post jobs to the board for free by using the code NONPROFIT at checkout. (I review each job posting before it goes up, so for-profit companies can't use this code for free placement.) Select nonprofit and academic roles will be featured in editions of Platformer as well.

Platformer readers who would like to apply for jobs on the board can do so through Pallet. I will never know the identity of anyone who applies for or gets a job through the board.

Ethics policy

Platformer strives to maintain a divide between the editorial and business operations of the company. To that end, I promise not to let my journalism be affected by whichever companies may or may not be buying ads. For the foreseeable future, I expect that these ads will represent only a small portion of Platformer revenue.

How am I working to avoid conflicts of interest?


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