Welcome! We're really excited that you want to explore the intersections of planetary health and web3. Planet.Health is a learning journey (Autumn 2022) and unconference (20-23 October 2022) bringing together two communities to try and take on some of our most pressing challenges.

Planetary health is an interdisciplinary field, recognising human health as interconnected and interdependent with ecology and the climate - it’s a field that bridges from the micro to the systemic, and is rapidly overtaking global health as the way we think about human health, wellbeing and flourishing, especially in the context of climate change.

Blockchain, or Web3, is a distributed technology that can facilitate transparency, decentralisation, autonomy, novel financing, work within and between complex systems, and much more. Yet, it hasn’t quite yet been mobilised to its full potential.

We’re excited to see what will happen when we bring experts from these two fields together, with the aim of improving things for people and planet. Curious? Read on 👉

Planet.Health unconference

The planet.health unconference is a 3-day immersive event at the Château du Feÿ in Burgundy, France, 20-23 October 2022.

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[The Château du Feÿ](https://www.notion.so/The-Ch-teau-du-Fe-528512a5209948adafde5d1a9b1ff8d1)

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We’re open to applications! 👉 https://dandelion.earth/g/planethealth


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Learning Journey


What is planetary health?

What is web3/ blockchain?

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🌸 #ReFi Spring

We’re partnering with our friends at ReFi Spring to deliver the basics in blockchain and climate/ regeneration education. You can sign up for their course which should be starting September/October 2022