We’re an ecosystem to imagine, prototype & communicate flourishing Planetary Health futures

Why we exist

Climate change has been named the greatest threat to health of the 21st Century.

The health of people and planet is inextricably linked and under threat.

Novel technologies can facilitate decentralisation, ownership and agency, and help us see, imagine and build through new eyes.

Existing in interwoven ecosystems, we need linked up thinking to address problems at root.

What we do





Shared beliefs

  1. We recognise that health is relational: a relationship to ourself, with others, our communities, our wider ecosystems, and a greater collective ‘we’
  2. We believe in plurality and that a healthy change ecosystem requires different forms of actors, working in different ways, through different modalities
  3. We acknowledge different forms of knowing and seeing. We listen, and we learn from each other and the planet
  4. We aren’t afraid to fail. We prototype projects and see what works
  5. We communicate and share our findings, in person, and online