Indexer Weekly 12/05

:network-indexer: InterPlanetary Network Indexer Weekly 12/05

:arrow_left: Progress Update:

:memo: @gammazero completed task to deploy the assigner service(work to configure indexer nodes to use assigner/allow Cloudfront to direct announce messages to assigner to follow).

:chart_with_upwards_trend: 328 (+13) storage providers have announced to an indexer and those 328 have 22.6% (-.8%) deal coverage on the Filecoin network.

:alphabet-yellow-hash: Commitment to plan for iterative implementation of Doublehashing made starting with read encryption, and working towards Q123 read/write encryption/ambient content routing.

• IPNI specs is consolidated.

• FileCoin metrics gathered by heyfil stabilised, and replaced the old coverage metrics; we also have added a set of additional metrics.

• Repository moves to IPNI org complete.

• New HTTP delegated routing now deployed to dev for testing purposes.

:bar_chart: Key Metrics: Indexed CIDs: ~0.95T total CIDs indexed, 36.4B ingested past week Index Providers: 328(Provider coverage ~34%) Production Indexer Nodes: 6 (PL, KenLabs, PiKNiK, SXX, Leeway Hertz, FilSwan) Indexer Uptime: 100%

Indexer Weekly 11/28

Progress Update: