👋 Welcome to Pixyz Review's 2020.2 new features list!

The list comes with 2 different views: as a Gallery View and as a simple List View (use the filter below next to "💫Pixyz Review 2020.2 New features" to change the view).

They're ordered by category so you can find all the evolutions we've done on our UI, Performance, Viewer, Tools, Import & UX features.

Each feature is an openable page which contains Context / HowTo sections that quickly explain why / how to use it.

🚩 Warning: Because it now includes ReCap format, you need to reinstall your license prior to using Pixyz Plugin 2020.2 version.

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<aside> 💡 Trial license is reinitialised at each release on your account. If you've tried Pixyz Review on one of our previous version, why not give a try to this new one?


Pixyz Review 2020.2 new features

Known issues