Twitter is a great tool for making trend analysis. You can learn what people think about any topic. More and more people have started to state their opinions about your brand or product on Twitter, you should catch up with the trends and hear what your customers think about your brand/product/organization. It is almost impossible to analyze all the tweets on Twitter manually.

<aside> 💡 Pivony's automated AI engine helps you to go through chosen hashtags or keywords and analyze the best insights in no time.


How to create a Twitter dashboard step by step

After you click "New Dashboard", you need to choose Twitter as your platform.

  1. Specify your industry because Pivony will create fixed topics based on your choice.

  2. Choose the start and end date of reviews that you would like to consider.

  3. The next page will ask you to choose keywords about your Topic. You can use OR as well as AND logic. (scroll down to get a detailed explanation on how to add keywords)

    1. When you choose AND, that means all keywords should exist in the Tweets Pivony will analyze (Arrow 2 in Exhibit 1 below).
    2. When you choose OR, that means one or more of the keywords should exist in the Tweets Pivony will analyze (Arrow 1 in Exhibit 1 below)
    3. Using AND logic in addition to OR will give you more targeted TopicBoards.

    Exhibit 1

    Exhibit 1

  4. You can also ban accounts, so that AI does not consider Tweets from those accounts. For example, it can be your official Twitter accounts.

  5. Finally, after you are done with all these steps, click submit and Pivony's AI engine will work for you to extract the best data.

Getting better insights from Twitter requires choosing the right keywords.

<aside> 💡 Ideas on how to have a prior idea of the quality and volume of data you can get: Go to Twitter click here and try to see if the query you want to analyze contains tweets especially if you will filter by language and date.


You can either click on advanced search

Or place your Query in the search bar



🤔 How to create a Twitter Topicboard in Our platform using an advanced query. When to use what?

  1. Using two brackets help to get an exact match

    You will have only tweets that have the exact order you provided.