International Workshop

Co-located with STAF 2020

June 22-26, 2020 Bergen (Norway)

STAF 2020

In the last 15 years, models and modeling frameworks have been the key technology for the advancement of Model-Driven Engineering methods and tools. Several industry-ready projects and research platforms have been realized and counts thousands of users. In spite of this, modeling is gaining more and more traction. Hence, we think that it is the right time to define what should be the future of modeling technologies, and especially the requirements for the next generation of modeling frameworks.

Modeling processes underpin their effectiveness on both foundations and tooling technologies. Therefore, the intended audience includes practitioners, academics, and researchers who value a forum to share their experience, expectations, and present work in progress and preliminary results.


This workshop intends to provide researchers and practitioners a forum to discuss approaches to address the issues facing the appropriate use of models and related technologies. Participants will have the opportunity to share their knowledge, discuss their research findings, and explore cutting-edge topics in Modeling.


Our goal is to explore the current challenges and impediments of MDE approaches, but also to update the roadmap for a broader adoption by exploring the limitations, the crucial key problems that remain to be solved. Practitioners and researchers are therefore invited to submit interesting contributions both in theoretical work and real world applications so to create a fruitful discussion regarding the presented challenges and the following related topics (but not limited to):

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