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Sharecaster API Docs


Sharecaster brings rich media previews of all the casts you want to share with friends on iMessage, Twitter, Telegram, and more.

With Sharecaster, just paste your Farcaster link and you’ll receive a fancy Sharecast url like When you share it with friends, it will look great!

When you click on a sharecast link, you’ll be automatically redirected to Farcaster.

If your friend doesn’t have Farcaster, they can still see a preview of the cast on

How to Share

Copy a Farcaster Cast ID for example farcaster://casts/0x87164ec9578c2ff0f7fcd2a64957e0031e43a76e7ef70062b650501a81d26652/0x87164ec9578c2ff0f7fcd2a64957e0031e43a76e7ef70062b650501a81d26652

On Desktop: