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Social Connection - What is it?

Social connection is more than just taking a break from work and having fun. At Remote, we view social connection as a critical need. It improves team effectiveness, engagement, and happiness. 🌞 Whether it’s about having a fun conversation in your 1:1s, talking async in a slack channel, or surprising your team with a creative social call, social connection is owned by everyone at Remote 💜

Company-Wide Social Connection

We have a lot of people at Remote! 😲 To encourage social connection and belonging at Remote, we focus on our communities. Community can mean anything from your immediate team, to your department, and Remote as a whole! This can make it pretty difficult to meet new Remoters you don’t work with often. You can find communities outside of your immediate teams in two places:

  1. Employee Resource Groups
  2. Make sure you join #s-coffee-chats. You’ll be randomly matched with a fellow Remoter for a tea/coffee chat ☕️
  3. Other social Slack Channels. To find the social community channels, browse channels that start with #s-. You’ll find #s-pets, #s-yelling, #s-yoga…. and the list goes on. We encourage everyone to create a new social channel and to start a community around it.
  4. We have a budget available for meetups.

Coffee chats ☕️ are also always welcome! Be sure to customize your appointment availability in your calendar. That allows everyone to schedule with confidence. Don’t be shy, throw a coffee chat on someone’s calendar! You can write a note with the invite to encourage the person to choose a new time or cancel the meeting if they can’t make it.

✨ Social Connection for Managers

Managers play an important role in social connection. We aim to equip managers with as many tools as possible to connect with your teams. Below are a few ideas to help you out. If you have questions, you can reach out to your people enablement partner or go public and ask us a question in #people-help over in slack 🙂


Check out our guide - 1:1’s for People Managers!

Share your social activities

It’s important you share that you’re a person too! You don’t have to share everything of course, but teammates will be encouraged to connect with fellow Remoters if they see you doing the same thing. Sharing something personal fosters bonding in our distributed environment 🌍

Schedule social time with your team