<aside> πŸ’Ÿ Self-care day for 2023 are: Feb 17, May 12, Aug 11, Nov 17. We usually use the Office Holidays Calendar to avoid a day with a lot of public holidays throughout the world. ✨😎 πŸ₯°

This is a date where everyone at Remote is encouraged to take the day off and do something they love and specifically to create awareness of the importance of self-care, mental health awareness and taking a break during the Pandemic.

We are have a self-care day once a quarter. Align with your manager and team for your day off on this day or, if coverage is needed in your team an alternative day close to our scheduled self-care day.

You can also opt-out, if you prefer not to participate and we will remain inclusive of either option.


Normalizing Mental Health at Work

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take my self-care day on the date set by Remote?

Self-care day has been implemented as an org-wide benefit and event. This means we want as many Remoters as possible to participate in this at the same time. There are incredible advantages when the majority of Remoters take the same day for their self-care day:

I'm in a role which requires me to work that day. How can I still benefit from this initiative?

There are crucial roles at Remote that could impact the business negatively if everyone is out of the office at the same time. We encourage all teams at Remote to plan along with their Manager around taking another day off during that week, to ensure everyone has a chance to take care of themselves. If you have a call with a client, that could potentially harm the business by rescheduling, its best to keep it and take a day in that week or the week prior to also take care of yourself. Over-communication and planning is best for teams like these.

Roles that directly impact our clients, it can be crucial to have coverage on these types of days, and for this reason, plan ahead so everyone on the team has a day off! No one should feel like they were not able to participate during the week of self-care day.

Should I cancel meetings on this day?

Yes! Even if you're working, cancel internal meetings as to encourage others to enjoy the day off.

Cancelling an external call with a client or interview that you already scheduled, could potentially harm the customer or candidate experience, we therefore encourage everyone to plan calendars upfront and not in a reactive way.

Does this day Accrue as part of my time-off

No, this day does not count towards accrued time-off and we do not report this day in payroll. Be sure to include your self-care day in your Google Calendar. It won't count towards time off but it will help the team know when you are expected to be out of office for your self-care. In your Google Calendar, add an event, select Out of Office type and rename to Remote Self-Care Day.