Performance assessment is a continuous process throughout a team member's journey here at Remote. In addition to being fairly compensated, we want all Remoters to be successful and aim to give everyone the opportunity to work in an effective, inclusive, and productive way, specifically within our 💎 Values. The purpose of feedback and performance discussions at Remote is to motivate and empower the person.

To achieve this goal, we have put in place Bi-Annual Performance Reviews and Quarterly Feedback Sessions. These allow for guided conversations between managers and their reports at regular intervals. These are opportunities to discuss team-related specifics, feedback, individual experiences, work/life balance, career goals, and overall satisfaction. There is a lot that can be covered during these conversations. This page outlines the process, expectations and general guidance for these sessions.

It's an incredible path we are building, to see a team member's progression, visually, as we participate and complete more of these sessions. Performance Reviews & Feedback Sessions should be a safe space for both parties.

For questions, please read our handy Performance Review FAQ, and if you still need clarification, feel free to ping the #people slack channel or reach out to @Amanda Day to speak 1:1.


At Remote, we have four feedback sessions and two performance reviews per calendar year:

Q1: February - Quarterly Feedback

Q2: May - Quarterly Feedback, Performance Review, (Compensation Review to follow)

Q3: July - Quarterly Feedback

Q4: October - Quarterly Feedback, Performance Review, (Compensation Review to follow)

<aside> ✨ Our first Performance Review and Quarterly Feedback Session will be in October 2021, with a completion due date of October 29, 2021.



Be mindful of Belonging: DEI - Belonging: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is crucial throughout feedback and performance discussions. Focus on the individual's role expectations, including alignment to Remote's values. Feedback should not be centered around personal or cultural differences. If you have any questions or concerns on how to approach a topic with another, please reach out to our Director of People Enablement or our VP of People.

Never wait to give feedback - Never wait until a Performance Review to provide and share feedback 1:1 with your team/team-member/manager.

  1. Schedule Review Session
    1. Complete Appropriate Team Member Self-Assessment/People Manager Assessment Form

  2. Share & Review Assessments - Once your google form is submitted, each person will receive their own responses. It'll be the responsibility of the people manager & team member to share the responses with each other during their call. Please also share a copy of the full written responses with the other party during or after the call.
  3. Conduct Session
  4. Follow Up

People Team Note: Google forms? Sounds blah. We know! We're looking to implement a performance and feedback tool for 2022 but we don't want to wait for them to kick off this process and cadence. It's extremely important to us to open and maintain this dialogue, feedback, transparency, and career progression for each individual.