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<aside> ✨ Performance Reviews are a regular event for managers & team members to discuss, in detail, how the team member is performing in their role, check in where they are in their career journey, and determine a plan for next steps.

It’s important to note that feedback should be given and received regularly and not just during Performance Reviews. 1:1s are a great opportunity to share and discuss feedback.


<aside> ➡️ Read this guide to understand what to expect in our Performance Reviews at Remote.


Performance Reviews at Remote

Performance Reviews are when we can dedicate more time and consideration outside our regular 1:1s for discussion on performance, expectations, feedback, and career development. Team members and Managers can align on these topics and determine the next steps to move forward.

Performance Reviews also give our Leadership Team a chance to see how their teams are performing at one time, identifying areas we, as an organization, can enable teams to achieve individual and team goals.

Nothing should be a surprise in a Performance Review. Remoters are expected to give and receive feedback, align on expectations of their role and performance regularly, and discuss their career development and goals with their manager.

Frequency of Performance Reviews

Twice a year, typically in Q2 and Q4. See our People Calendar for our scheduled performance reviews.

What will be asked and measured in a review?

Q2 2023 Reviews:

The purpose of this review is to ensure every Remoter has a meaningful discussion and receives documented feedback they can reference back to. Feedback is crucial for personal and professional development and growth. Transparency and Ownership is key at Remote, so it’s important we have regular feedback in 1:1s and performance reviews to enable our teams to reach their goals and potential. ✨