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All about Remote’s time off policy.

1. Unlimited paid time off

<aside> ☀️ To ensure sufficient time off, everyone is expected to take at least 20 paid time off (PTO) days per year. If you manage people, make sure to check on this. This Metabase report gives you visibility of time off taken by teams (link is accessible by Remoters only).


It's important that you are healthy and happy. At Remote, your health and the health of your loved ones come before work. For this reason, you have unlimited PTO from your start date.

You can use your PTO for anything you like, such as:

PTO is when you will be away from your desk for 4 or more hours. You don't need to use PTO for things like: household chores, personal errands, going to an appointment, going to the gym, taking a nap, or helping a loved one. What's important is good planning and communication with your team and manager. If you have an urgent or high-priority task that you can't get done, coordinate with your team and manager on how that task will get done. No one should be expected to work during their time off, its important to intentionally disconnect from all work, slack and by creating a good hand-over plan, it won’t be necessary to work.