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<aside> ❗ This section applies to new hires that will work as part of internal employees of Remote. If you're employed through Remote by one of our clients, you should follow what is in your contract and what your actual employer directs you to do.


Hiring FAQs

Q: I applied for a role and have not heard back, why is taking so long?

We review every single application, we do not use AI or other tools yet. We prefer making sure we do not miss an application that could be a great fit to the role we want to fill.

We are so fortunate and thankful to receive hundreds of applications per day, but it is time-consuming to do this. We often have amazing "eat and review" team sessions, to do a bulk review live session while enjoying free pizza (or a $10 meal on Remote), but considering we are asynchronous at Remote, it is hard to do this very often.

Q: If I'm successful for the role, how will you hire me?

If you are eligible in the location you are planning to work from, we will be able to hire you in one of two ways: either under our local entity in the country you are in or if we do not have entity yet, we will hire you under our US Contractor entity until we are able to convert you to an employee in this location.

Work eligibility is super important. If you are not eligible to work in a location you prefer, we will not be able to hire you. We are working on creating work sponsorship opportunities in some locations, but we are not there yet. We also will not be able to pay you in another country, as this is against various statutory requirements in nearly all countries and we always want to remain compliant based on local laws.

Q: How long does the hiring process take?

We move as fast as we can and often encourage more than one interview a week, if it works well for both the interviewee and the interviewer. Our average interview process has 4 to 5 interviews during the hiring process.

Q: What benefits does Remote offer?

Please read our Benefits & perks page.

Q: Will Remote's health insurance extend to my family as well?

In most cases, Remote will fund 100% of the cost of your employee-only policy. If you wish to extend the policy to your family or dependents, then you will pay for this extra coverage yourself.

Q: How do you evaluate candidates during the interview process?

We evaluate candidates in alignment with our values and the key skills required for the role they are interviewing for. Our values are super important to us and the boundaries in which we work. If you do not align with any of our values, it will be very hard to hire you.

We aim to ensure an inclusive hiring process and connecting, interviewing, and hiring a diverse set of individuals through valuing different cultures and backgrounds.

Q: If I am successful in the role and sign an offer letter, what happens next?