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<aside> ❗ This section applies to new hires that will work as part of internal employees of Remote. If you're employed through Remote by one of our clients, you should follow what is in your contract and what your actual employer directs you to do.



Q: It seems like the PDF format is better to use in my application, how do I convert a PDF to make sure my CV appears without disruptions?

Great question! We have put together a page that can help you navigate and convert your CV, whether is in Google Document format or a Microsoft Word Document format.

Check it out here!

Q: How can I make my application stand out?

Here are a few tips we recommend at Remote if you want to excel with your application:

Q: I've applied for a role. When can I expect to hear back?

Here at Remote, it is the commitment of our passionate recruitment team to provide each applicant with a positive experience regardless of outcome.

One way that we intend to do this is by holding ourselves accountable when it comes to responding to your job application(s) - we as a team, aim to respond to you with either an outcome or specific update on the hiring process within 10 working days of receiving your application.

We hope by doing this we can alleviate some of the ambiguity that comes with a potential career change and exercise our fundamental values in order to ensure each individual feels dignified in their interactions with the Remote team.

For those who reach latter interview stages (team interview(s)/executive interview) but are unsuccessful, we offer an optional 15 minute feedback call with your recruiter to provide as constructive an experience as possible, helping you to steer towards success upon your exciting career adventure.

You can check our monthly time to hire statistics here.