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Our policy and processes for employee expenses.

  1. Expense policy
  2. Using your Brex card
  3. Requesting a Reimbursement
  4. Company expenses

1. Expense policy

<aside> πŸ’» For replacements of standard IT equipment (mouse, keyboard, laptop), get approval from your manager. Then reach out to #supplyops-help for the purchasing and delivery. For other expenses, see below.


Before making a purchase, make sure to have a budget approved for the expense. A budget is approved in two main ways:

  1. As a pre-approved budget: Pre-approved budgets do not need manager approval, and are always in USD.
  2. As a manager-approved budget: These are additional to or outside of pre-approved budgets.

For pre-approved budgets

See the full list of pre-approved budgets in [people] Benefits & perks.

For manager-approved budgets

We're not profitable, so we have to be frugal.

  1. If there is something you think is reasonable to expense (needed for your specific role for a specific responsibility), ask your manager.
  2. If your manager approves the expense, they should also assign a reasonable budget for the expense.
    1. If you need help, the Finance team or the People team can provide advice on what is a reasonable budget.
    2. As an example: For a role with lots of client-facing meetings, USD 50 is a reasonable budget for headphones. Here is a recommendation for headphones from TechOps. Expensive/noise cancelling headphones are not sustainable expenses for Remote.