<aside> 🌐 With the continued uncertainty of Covid-19 and how it will continue to affect 2021 and beyond, we would like to ensure everyone at Remote continues to feel supported. If you get Covid-19 or taking care of a loved one that has it, please reach out to people@remote.com to ensure we can offer the support you require immediately.


Additional Medical Leave

If any Remote Team member that is directly affected by Covid-19 who needs to take time off for the below two reasons, is eligible to take an additional extended three weeks fully paid leave (with an option for another additional three weeks fully paid leave should you need it). In the event that the local statutory medical leave is higher than offered by Remote, the local statutory requirements should be followed:

  1. The Remote Employee has received confirmed medical diagnosis of Covid-19 from a licensed healthcare professional.
  2. The Remote Employee is taking care of a family member that received confirmed medical diagnosis of Covid-19 from a licensed healthcare professional.

We will have this additional medical leave relating to Covid-19 available until September 30, 2022. We'll evaluate it closer to the time and adjust this, considering the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19. For re-evaluation: data on daily new confirmed Covid cases & data on share of people vaccinated against covid.

How to apply for Covid-19 Medical Leave

  1. Email people@remote.com with the start date of your medical leave and a potential end date (we understand this could change, especially since everyone reacts very differently to the virus and whether you are hospitalised or not).
  2. Please include the note from a Professional Healthcare worker confirming your medical diagnosis.
  3. If approved, we will communicate to your direct Manager your start and end date of your leave, but we will not disclose the reason for the leave, unless you prefer we do so. As long as you submitted your time off on Employ, this will also notify Payroll.
  4. Once your time off is approved, please schedule your time off as per this [people] PTO - Personal Time Off page.
  5. The People team will then save a copy of your email and approved sick leave, on Employ.

Covid-19 Remote policy

Most of the world is still going through a Pandemic and this 3rd and 4th wave has been devastating for many. We also recognise that this can still continue for a while and that in many countries where we have employees, vaccines have not been available yet. We have a responsibility to keep our eco-system healthy and we care about your wellbeing and therefore created guidelines below to ensure we keep you all as safe as possible in our global remote working environment:

  1. If you need to take care of yourself, or loved ones, do so. No need to work when health is at stake. This has always been our policy and continues to be so. The medical leave above, is specifically for those with Covid-19.
  2. Please follow your local guidelines or local rules (similar to the Green pass in the EU) if you do decide to meet up with someone from Remote. The following is important regarding in person meet-up's:
    1. If you do decide to meet up with a colleague for a social catch up, please follow the local guidelines and consider the risks involved.
  3. If you want to work from somewhere else for health reasons - another location, or even country - and need financial support to be able to do that, please talk with Job or Nadia.
  4. We would advise against the attendance of large gatherings, events and conferences.