<aside> 💡 These benefits and perks apply to internal employees of Remote. That is, someone who is working for and at Remote.


At Remote, we invest in you.

In addition to providing you with the tools you need to do your job well, we also have benefits to help you grow with the company and live a full life.

As employees are located in many different countries around the world, some benefits may not make sense in certain countries. For example, in a country with an extensive national healthcare system, health insurance provided by Remote may not be beneficial or presents additional tax obligations to the employee. In all cases, we do our best to provide equitable perks and benefits across the globe, and the choice to opt in or opt out where that's available.

Note: To provide you with sufficient trust and flexibility, there are pre-approved expenses. In practice, this means you do not need prior approval from your manager to expense. This said, where there are pre-approved amounts, there is no concept of "balance". That is, you can't reuse "leftover money" if what you buy is less than the pre-approved amount.

We also aim to remain people first in all our decisions and value feedback, please keep in mind that Remote reserves the right to modify or end any benefit in its sole discretion at any time for any reason.

If you have questions about your benefits, reach out to the People team or your manager directly. Details about these perks and benefits are below.

Unlimited Personal Time Off

Unlimited personal time off at Remote is a huge topic. See [people] Personal Time Off for details.

Flexible Working Hours

Remote is built on a culture of trust, so you are trusted to manage your own working hours. Use this to support your own work-life balance so that you are productive and happy both at work and outside of work. Take the time you need to tend to your personal commitments such as family time, important events, and your health and wellbeing.

Of course, when you are unavailable, inform those who might be depending on your availability, and ensure that your responsibilities are covered.