At Remote, we value our differences, want to ensure all individuals have equal opportunities, and feel a sense of belonging within our organization.

Encouraging belonging.

We believe that the collective sum of our life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities, and talent that Remoters bring to their work makes up the core of our company culture. We fully embrace employees’ differences in age, national origin or ancestry, race, color, ethnic origin, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, medical condition, religion (or non-religion) marital or domestic partner status, and the multitude of other areas that make us all so unique.

More is more

As a company founded on a remote model of community, we strive to build a diverse team for two additional reasons. First, more is more when it comes to diversity. This means that the more diverse we become, the more attractive we are to a wider range people who then want to seek out Remote for their next career move. Why? Because rather than simply add a few new names and faces to represent diversity, we want to be a model for other companies by nurturing diversity to create a welcoming culture for all. Second, a diverse workforce has a greater quantity and quality of resources to draw from and, therefore, a greater ability to cultivate happy employees and collectively achieve our goals.

DEI as a way of life at Remote

Being a 100% remote company can make this much easier as we seek to remove geographical and other barriers to hiring the right people for the right roles. We are always striving to resist the temptation to say we have “accomplished” diversity and then rest on our laurels. At Remote, diversity is not a quick slogan or quantifiable goal; it is a way of life. In this way, diversity is not simply a line item in our handbook. It makes our company culture unique and inviting to a broad and diverse workforce. We want everyone who comes to work at Remote to truly feel welcome and invited to bring their full selves.

As a result, we think ambitiously and sustainably about diversity and continue to come up with ways to encourage it.

What is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(DEI)?

The meaning of DEI: to remain or stay somewhere.

Belonging is the feeling of being part of something and mattering to others, able to bring your authentic and full self. Read more about Belonging and how we can contribute each day.

Diversity is the presence of differences within a given setting.

Equity is the process of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual.

Inclusion is the intentional practice to include people in the workplace.

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How does the company benefit from DEI?