This is one of my most prized possessions!


I worked very hard on her, and she manages to run almost everything I throw at her.

wow what is she made of

If you prefer pcpartpicker, here you go!

Why Mini ITX?

I went over this in desk setup + thoughts, but I wanted a small PC that fit on my desk!

How did you decide on your parts?

I had the CPU and the M2 Hard Drives on my previous build, and I decided to upgrade literally everything else in my build. The liquid cpu cooler was necessary due to the form factor, and the same with the power supply. I've been building and customizing my computers for a while, so I've just been getting recommendations from friends and looking at what I would like to upgrade.

How did you get your hands on an RTX 30 series card?

I managed to snag an RTX 3060 from a friendly member on the CKC discord who mentioned that a local Bay Area store (Central Computers!) had a bunch of 30 series cards in stock, so I skipped a meeting to go buy one. I also had to make sure that it fit within the limits of the case.

How do you know which parts would fit the case?

The lovely folks over at r/sffpc made a HUGE Google Spreadsheet full of parts and measurements. I looked up the size of the case, then looked up which graphics cards and power supplies would fit!

Do you have any upgrades planned for the future?