Content of my thoughts is determined by my physiology (and emotions). I identify with my thoughts. Thoughts are me. So it's very counter intuitive to think that I may need to change my physiology (or tap in into some emotional state like) to think better.

It is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking, than it is to think yourself into a new way of acting

A. J. Jacobs When asked what successful people have in common answered self-delusion. A lot of people who succeed in some competitive area say stand-up comedy – just start to act as if are funny and this carry them over being funnier and funnier.

He made an experiment to give his wife a present everyday. And he did it even if he was pissed at her. And his brain was catching up. "Oh, I am buying her a present. I must love her." He tricked his brain and in general he end up in a better relationship.

If you want to change your psychology change your physiology first

Emotional priming exercise

The way we think comes from the way we use our bodies

Tony Robbins starts each day from jumping on a trampoline just to push around fluids in the body. This is his way of preparing himself to think clearly. He has connection with the fact that content of thoughts is dependent on physiology.

Tony Robbins has set of priming exercises where he uses emotions like gratitude to help solve an problem, internal conflict or tap into goals.