The Beginners Mind

We often get locked into the perception that here and now it’s not the time. It’s not the content of our lifes. That there will be a better more ideal time, state, condition of internal or external self. This is an illusion. We need to shake off this impression time after time again. Ido practices a beginner mindset. You are not trying to perfect something but you try to constantly learn. He developed this unusual exercise that is about bouncing a tennis ball against a wall with fists. He said that your mind grows the most at the beginning. More neuronal connections are forming. So it’s even more beneficial to us to always choose being a beginner over being a master.

What a beautiful day to die

He said this quote in one of his film made by London Reel guy. By radically practicing a beginner mindset he doesn’t cling to his ideal self in the future and is ready to accept whatever reality serves to him here and now.

Chasing happiness makes a lot of people unhappy?

In the current society chasing happiness and success made a lot of people very miserable.

This connects with the Obstacle is The Way. Achievements are this illusions that are not fulfilling. That's why learning might be a harder and actually more fulfilling area to focus on.