<aside> 👉 Welcome! If you’re interested in hosting an event during NYC Tech Week, please register here to be listed as an official event.


You can find the latest Tech Week agenda here.

We’ll also be promoting Tech Week and new event hosts on the NYC Tech Week Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (tag us @NYCTechWeek).

If you have any questions that aren’t covered in this doc, DM Andrew Rea on Twitter.

What is New York Tech Week?

New York Tech Week is a decentralized tech conference happening in NYC from October 10 to 16th, featuring events throughout the week hosted by 100 + companies including Party Round, Contrary Capital, Hustle Fund, Ramp, Brex, Not Boring, Company Ventures, Republic, On Deck, Cometeer, and many more.

Best Practices

<aside> 💡 We recommend following these guidelines for hosting your event.



Pick a day between October 10th - 16th (Monday to Sunday).



NYC is highly commutable, making it easy to have events all around the city. We’d recommend hosting somewhere with easy subway access.

Collecting Registrations