Pabio is democratising beautiful living.

We are a VC-funded, ambitious startup from Switzerland. At Pabio, we want to disrupt the furniture industry and change how people live by offering a better, more sustainable, and more affordable alternative to traditional furniture retail. With Pabio, consumers get their apartment fully-furnished by a professional interior designer and rent high-quality furniture on a monthly subscription. Once they move out, Pabio takes all the furniture back, renovates it, and the cycle repeats.

Open positions




Can't find the job you're looking for? But dig what we are doing? We are always looking for highly-talented, hardworking, and wickedly-smart people! So, if you tick off at least one of the three boxes — apply here (please check "Other" when referring to a position).

Why work at Pabio?

😎 You’ll work mostly with cool people (Not all of us are cool, but the majority are.)

🗻 Truly have an impact with your work

🧦 Receive a generous ESOP package and directly participate in the success of Pabio

🏝️ Remote work: Work wherever and whenever you want

💻 Gadgets: Whatever you need to get things done

🏄 5 weeks of paid vacation

What inspired us lately

Meet (a part of) the team


Carlo is a jack of all trades master of none and is mostly concerned with fixing the coffee machine. More about Carlo here.


Anand is the techie who makes sure that things work (or don't). He wants the world to know that he is part of the Github Stars program. Find out more about Anand here.